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We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations for innovation, quality, selection, price and delivery while maintaining our position as the leading producer of decorative floor registers in North America.

Innovative Approaches

Decor Grates’ first floor registers were initially cast out of brass, which was a very labor-intensive process. To alleviate this problem, stamping dies were created to produce brass tops, substantially reducing the labor costs associated with cast registers.
Decor Grates began selling wood register designs in 1998, having discovered their growth in popularity. However, the initial design most manufacturers were using was very labour intensive. Decor Grates needed a competitive edge in pricing and design. The company was able to achieve both by purchasing a CNC router. Use of this router system reduced the labour required in the production process and provided Decor Grates with the ability to manufacture both slotted and scroll designs.
In the fall of 2001, Decor Grates began replacing the traditional steel damper boxes used with grates to a plastic version. The new plastic damper boxes were able to offer major advantages that directly influenced productivity and profitability. The purchase cost of plastic boxes was lower per unit than for steel. Plastic damper boxes also required no assembly allowing employees to spend more time finalizing product development – allowing Decor Grates to meet the ever-increasing demand of products. Much needed working capital was also freed up by reducing work in progress, raw materials and damper box components. Decor Grates now has the widest range of decorative design styles for floor registers, including the original ‘Decor Scroll,’ Victorian Scroll, Abstract, Art Deco, Oriental, Slotted, Louvered and Lattice designs. Decor Grates continues to develop new materials, designs and finishes to further expand the variety of products offered to clients.

Our Operating Philosophy

At Decor Grates, we sincerely believe our employees are our greatest strength; we are committed to treating each of them fairly – with dignity and respect. To protect the health and safety of our employees, we have always taken measures to ensure that our processes are environmentally sound.
We value innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Our management team exercises these qualities regularly as they strive to preserve and enhance Decor Grates’ position as a leader in the market.

Our Management Team

Tiki Oosterhuis

From inception to very recently, Ralph and Tiki have been the inspiration behind the company’s creative approach to doing business. Tiki was named one of the Top 100 Women Business Owners in Canada, as ranked by Chatelaine and PROFIT Magazine in both 2002 [#34] and 2003 [#21]. Tiki was also nominated as Rotman Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of 2003. Tiki has now retired from her day to day involvement but still contributes to the business on a consultancy basis, when required.

Ralph Oosterhuis, CEO

Ralph works in partnership with Owen, directing all aspects of the business. Ralph helps drive strategy, new product development and company growth, ensuring Decor Grates remains customer-focused. He also assists with the development of new business opportunities. Ralph was recognized for his leadership in 2002 as Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Owen Carroll, CFO

Owen works in partnership with Ralph, directing all aspects of the business. Owen helps drive strategy, new product development and company growth, ensuring Decor Grates remains customer-focused. He also assists with the development of new business opportunities. Owen is responsible for the day to day operations and is ably assisted in this regard by Jason Titmuss.

Jason Titmuss, Operations Manager

An integral part of the management team, Jason manages the day to day production, assembly, warehousing and shipping activities. Jason additionally works with Owen to maximize productivity and reduce costs, wherever possible.


Decor Grates is proud to be a member of a number of Trade and Professional Associations.

Charitable Involvement

Decor Grates is a proud sponsor of the Princess Margaret Hospital Lottery, providing luxury floor grates towards the build of the grand prize show homes.

Decor Grates is proud to be a National Partner with Habitat for Humanity. We provide floor & wall/ceiling registers to be sold throughout the re-store locations across Canada.

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