• Say good-bye to pollens, dust and bacteria from your air and ductwork! Say hello to clean fresh air for everyone to enjoy. Our Pristene filters are ideal for heating and cooling systems, and won't compromise the air flow to your room.

    Pristene Filters are designed for use with Decor Grates unique filter system which uses a snap on grid fitted to the bottom of our rustproof damper box that holds the filter in place.

  • Filters molds, pollens, dust and bacteria from air and ductwork
  • Reduces cleaning in home and business
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Rated to withdraw particle size of 10 microns.
  • Ideal for all heating and cooling systems
  • Change filters every three months. We recommend you change filters with each season (Spring Mar 21, Summer June 21, Fall Sept 21,Winter Dec 21)
  • For best results use PRISTENE Filters all year round
Easy Installation
  • Remove Register from Floor
  • Remove Old Filter
  • Lay filter in bottom of register
  • Snap grid in place
  • Replace register in floor
Facts and Studies
Model #: Hole Size: Length: Width: Weight: Finish:
1 VF212 2 X 12 13.5 3.75 White
1 VF310 3 X 10 11.5 4.5 White
1 VF410 4 X 10 11.5 5.5 White
1 VF412 4 X 12 13.5 5.5 White