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Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations for innovation, quality, selection, price, and delivery while maintaining our position as the leading producer of decorative floor registers in Canada. Have comments, questions, or concerns? Let us know using the contact form or send us an email and we would be happy to help. For a quick answer, try our FAQs below!

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Can’t find an answer to your question? Ask us using the form above or email us at customerservice@decorgrates.com.

How can I find out what size Register I need to buy?

To ensure you buy the correct size, remove your current floor register and measure the length and width of the open hole. With those measurements you can either compare them with our size guide or take our two-question measuring quiz to find your sizing.

Are the product dimensions according to the top/bottom of the register or the vent opening itself?

Product dimensions are based on the size of the vent opening. E.g. If your vent length is 9.85” and the width is 4.10” then you would choose the 4” x 10” register. As not all vent openings are cut perfectly, the damper box is meant to fit loosely, while the oversized top ensures complete coverage of the opening. Still not sure what size you need? Try our two-question measuring quiz.

How can I make a return/exchange or get a refund?

All returns and exchanges must be done through the supplier that you originally purchased it from (Amazon, Costco, HomeDepot, Walmart, etc.)

What materials are Decor Grates’ registers made of?

We have an array of register types. The majority of our registers have metal tops, while the others consist of wood or plastic. Materials of individual products can be found on their respective product pages. Although register top material can vary, each register comes with a bottom damper box that is made of plastic.

Will my register hold up in a high foot traffic area?

Most floor vent openings are around the perimeter of the room. If you have floor vents in foot traffic areas, then you need heavy duty floor registers.

Are the registers flush with the floor?

We do offer a handful of registers that are flush with the floor but the majority of our registers sit roughly 0.5–1 cm off the floor.

What sizes do you offer?
All available sizes can be found on our size guide, but product availability may vary. Want to make a recommendation on sizes we should carry? Let us know using our contact form!
Can I use your floor registers in the wall or the ceiling?

Unfortunately no. However, we offer an array of wall and ceiling registers that come with screw holes and hardware for easy mounting.

Can you separate the top of the register from the damper box?

You can separate the top of the register from the damper box, then re-attach them by pressing the plastic tabs into the tabs on the underside of the metal register top, but you run the risk of breaking the plastic tabs if you do this too often.

Can I buy the damper box separately?

Unfortunately, we do not sell damper boxes separately at this time.

How do I properly care for my register?
For tips on caring for your new Decor Grates register, check out our care package.
How can I control the airflow?

With our sliding damper box you can simply open and close the vent by using the plastic tab found inside the short end of the register. We do not currently offer directional airflow control.

Is there a product warranty?
We do offer a limited 12 month product warranty. For more details of what we cover, please check out our care package.

Informational Care Package


Looking to purchase a new registers or own a few and just want some additional information? Our Care Package has tips on how to measure, install, product care tips and much more to help you get the most out of your Decor Grates registers.

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