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Introducing our Pristene Filters

Reduces cleaning in home and business

Ideal for allergy sufferers

Rated to withdraw particle size of 10 microns

Ideal for all heating and cooling systems

Say good-bye to pollen, dust and bacteria from your air and duct work!

Say hello to clean, fresh air for everyone to enjoy.

Our Pristene Filters are ideal for heating and cooling systems and will not compromise air flow to your room. Decor Grates uses only “High Loft” material. Other filters are made from the same material that you’ll find in your furnace filter, which is too dense to be put in a floor vent which can be up to 50 feet away from your furnace. Our “High Loft” filters allow much more air to pass through, while still trapping most of the dust and other particles that would otherwise pass through without a filter. Filters should be checked monthly until it is determined how often they should be replaced, as every home and heating/cooling system is different. A filter clogged with dirt will reduce airflow.



For easy use with Decor Grates

Pristene Filters are designed for use with Decor Grates’ unique filter system, which holds filters in place using a snap-on grid that’s fitted to the bottom of our rustproof high impact plastic damper boxes. Please note that these do not work with our plastic registers.

Grids and Filters for your Decor Grates

Our Grids snap on to hold the filter in place. Each grid is sold separately and filters can be cut to fit your register dimensions. Pristene Filters will not compromise air flow to your room thanks to their advanced micro finish design.

Each sold separately



Available Grid Sizes for our Decor Grates









Breathe easy

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